The clients for this piece of work had seen a front door glass design in a household paint brochure.  They wanted their leaded light to be as close as possible to it.  For the colours they were looking for something to compliment an external leaded lantern already hanging at their home.


I visited their home and took notes and photographs of the lantern and contacted the carpenter for dimensions for the glass.


The panel being made for them was larger that the one shown in the brochure so it was necessary to modify the design to make it robust.


In conversation it became clear that the central section of the design was the important part for them.  I drew up a cartoon retaining the central design from the brochure and surrounded this is a grid of leadwork and a narrow outer border.


I selected some coloured glass samples for the centre and outer edge as well as some obsure clear glass for the bulk of the panel.  The client visited me to approve the design and agree the glass selection.


The final design was very pleasing.  A concentration of colours in the centre, echoing the outside lantern, was complimented by a narrow outer border of colour.  The textured, clear glass set in a grid pattern maximised light into the hallway, whilst providing privacy and strength because of the shortened lengths of lead came and soldered joints.


Once the leadwork was finished, the panel was encapsulated in a double glazed unit ready for installation.



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