Rosewindow website roundel June 2020

For this project in a Victorian semi-detached house, I was asked to use an existing period panel, seen to the right, as the basis for a design for the front door.  


The door iteself is of traditional pine construction with space for two glazed panels.


I took measurements on site and then worked up the design in my studio.  The client left the choice of glass to my discretion and the final design was not approved prior to construction, but rather given over to my expertise.


I have tried to replicate the soft pastel shades of the original as well as looking for a good textural likeness.  The finished pair of panels can be seen below, with the door and side window shown alongside.




Wathen b
Wathen c


Wathen resized

Copyright Mel Price 2020


Design rights Mel Price and Armando Magnino 2001-2020


Photographs Mel Price, Armando Magnino