Rosewindow website roundel June 2020

This large panel was salvaged from an old front door for use in a bespoke hardwood door.


When it arrived with me the leading to the outer edges was entirely missing so the panel had no rigidity.


The bottom half of the central section was in very poor repair.  Almost all of the solder joints had failed and the glass was moving about inside the leadwork.


Some of the blue, yellow and clear glass had to be replaced as it had cracked.


As I began taking the panel apart it bacame clear just how brittle the lead cames and solder had become.


Once completely disassembled, I cleaned each of the original glass pieces that were to be retained and sourced the replacement glass.


I used the original glass and measurements from the carpenter to draw a cartoon template for the new panel.


The rebuilt and restored panel was created with entirely new lead came and  solder, cement and both original and replacement glass.


The completed leaded glass panel can be seen in the final picture.  It was encapsulated in a double glazed unit prior to installation in the new front door.  







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