Rosewindow website roundel June 2020
Elsa 3a

Since our first meeting in 2017, I have been working collaboratively with Armando Magnino.


I was looking to direct my technical and creative skills in stained glass away from the usual door and window panels, towards more challenging and unusual designs.


In his twenty year career as a woodworker, (including designing, teaching and making bespoke furniture), Armando has often experimented with different materials and approaches but was looking for a new way to add colour and texture to his designs and carefully selected timbers.


As 'Melando' we bring together our passion for good design and fine craftsmanship to create unique pieces that bring vibrant colours and elegant shapes to your home.


Squaring the circle 4a
Squaring the circle 3
squaring the circle 2
squaring the circle 1aa
Squaring the circle 6a
Squaring the circle 5a
Elsa sketch
Elsa soldering b
Elsa 4a
Elsa 1a
Elsa CAD

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