Rosewindow website roundel June 2020

This project involved the removal, restoration and installation of a small top light from a Victorian house.  


I measured the panel and prepared a piece of glass to temporary glaze the space whilst I completed the restoration.


The panel had become very brittle and I had to use masking tape in an attempt to stop the pieces crumbling further or falling out whilst I removed the old beading and eased the panel away from the putty.


As seen in the photographs, this panel, only a foot square, included some very small and delicate glass pieces.  Some glass was already completely missing even when the panel was in situ.


I sourced the nearest glass and lead matches possible for the repairs.  The panel was then taken apart.  A small part of the central section was still sound and rather than risk damaging glass by taking it apart completely, I cleaned off the old solder joints and strengthened them with new lead solder.


I cleaned the bulk of the glass pieces and using these and the dimensions taken on site I drew a cartoon to work up the panel.


The third photograph shows the restored panel on my workbench and in the final shot, it can be seen back in situ.  I was delighted with the end result.  The substituted glass and lead are barely noticeable, making this a high quality, honest restoration piece.




Priory b
Priory c
Priory d
Priory a

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