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My stained glasswork can include:


Bespoke commissions in contemporary or traditional designs


Copper foiling or lead came construction methods, created using traditional materials and tools


Restoration completed using time-honoured techniques




I am very happy to discuss commissions so please do not hesitate to get in touch by email.


Designs can range widely from relatively plain to more elaborate and I am happy to provide estimates without obligation.  Broadly speaking, the more complicated a design, the more expensive the work both in terms of materials and labour.  The choice of colours and textures of glass also affect the final cost.


Sometimes clients have an idea of the design they wish to commission and these can be used as the basis for me drawing up design ideas.  Alternatively, we can discuss what you do/don't like and I can prepare some sketches based on this.  I also have pattern books that can be used for inspiration.






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Located in the heart of England, I use traditional tools, techniques and materials to design, create and restore stained glass.


Originally trained in fashion and textile design; colours and textures have always been a big part of my life.


Creating stained glass pieces is an extension of this and I have been making leaded and foiled pieces for more than 20 years, ever since completing a part time evening course with my dad.  


Over the years I have produced a mixture of traditional and contemporary pieces including new commissions and restoration work.


I particularly enjoy selecting the glass for use on each project.  I find the vast array of colours, from subtle to intense, completely breathtaking.  When I then start holding the sheets of glass up for inspection in the light, the textures create quite mesmerising effects.  All that, before I have even cut a single piece to fit my design!


Typically my work has been made for fitting into doors and/or windows.  More recently I have been experimenting with new opportunities to create standalone pieces of stained glass art.  


Having the opportunity to create unique pieces for people to enjoy as artwork in their own home gives me great satisfaction.  I regularly exhibit at local maker's shows and you can find out more about these on my exhibitions page.